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"Forza Reporter is simple to use. It has given us the opportunity to cover more stats in our games, but most importantly is that we can provide our fans with the same stats along with the Livescore"
- Lindö FF

"Super easy to use - just open the app and start to cover the game. The best part is that it is very fun!"
- Landvetter IS

"The interface was really easy to use and I think the app integration is giving an awesome feature for our fans/officials."
- Cardiff City Ladies

Why Forza Football Reporter?



Match events

Social media integration

Easy to use web app

Widget on your website


Every game live

With Forza Reporter you are able to easily report your matches live, using our tailored smartphone web app. Every fan, friend and family member can follow your team as the match progresses and keep track of the match events instantly.

Social media integration

Never let your fans miss a single match again. With Forza Reporter, all match events are posted instantly and your supporters will now know as soon as your team scores - no matter where they are.

Coaches and players

Create professional live coverage of your matches and give your players the attention they deserve - just like the professionals.

How it works

Register your team

It is easy, free and well worth the time and effort. The onboarding process is as smooth as it can be.

Track your matches

We have built a web app, tailored to be intuitive and easy to use during the games to track who scores, receives a card or gets substituted.

Share instantly

As soon as you register an event in the reporter, friends and family will know about it on your website and through social media.

Widgets designed for you

Tournament Widget

Do you want to display everything the fans need to know about a tournament? Look no further - our Tournament Widget displays live games, upcoming fixtures, and results in the most accessible way. We saw the need, we designed the widget. Problem solved.

Team Widget

Let the fans get the most out of your reporting by making it incredibly easy for your fans to access live score, upcoming fixtures, results, and the squad of your team! This is easily done by implementing our beautiful Team Widget. Trust us, it will enrich your team website.

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